Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Vehicle Of Life"

"Vehicle Of Life"

On a birthday, when i finally came of age
I was gifted the "Vehicle Of Life"

"Use it well",my parents said
I did not want a guide
There was something I missed in their tone
For my heart was swelling with pride.

It had a bloated body full of energy
An engine of raw youth.
The wheels could run with mindless ambition
At an indecent speed,to tell the truth.

I steered my steed with a lot of power
Intellect was the fuel;
Competitors swarmed all around me
But I was ready for the duel.

Such was the zeal,such was the zest,
Confidence and belief beyond measure;
I drove everyday with a burning passion
My vehicle was the loveliest treasure!

To"success" is a winding journey
And companions I had none;
The empty seats stared at me
And I was all but one.

The body took the heat,
The engine all the pain;
There was still some ruddy fuel left,
But my heart was in vain

For I looked into the rear-view mirror,
And saw all that I had left behind;
Myself,my friends,my family......
Everyone who had been kind.

"You should never drive it empty"
My parents said on my return.
But never did they know that each day alone
Had been a lesson in life to learn.


  1. Would better sit and appreciate than comment anything at all.

  2. Alok...This is Dhanush hope yu remembr me....
    Yu way of playin wid wrdz are awesom!!!
    I hv a few lines scribbled fr yu in kannada...in appreciation

    Naagaalotadha payana bayalinali
    Diganthada hadiyanididhu ihenelli!?!

    Hoo irada badigalu Gaja doorake inikidaru yaaru iharu
    Kaal daari iradu, kaalu kaalige kaanada mullugoorate galiharu!!

    Nirdikkinali maanthrikanu jaaruvanu
    kaala garbake daari idennuvannu

    Dashakada hinde adagidha naguvannu sidisuvanu
    Sumadhura kshanagalanu marichike yanthe thoruvanu

    Ido illihihudu daariyendu gaaliyaagi mareyaadanu!!! :)

  3. ALOK!!! What you've written is very true, and m pretty sure people our age would've definitely experienced it!!! It's indeed very beautiful:)