Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In Front of Death

In front of Death

I opened my eyes and stared at Death
The lustre of my life in His eyes
“Don’t fear Death when you’ve lived your life”
Or so had proclaimed the wise

In His eyes played the story of my life
The colour of my memories bygone
His arms slowly circled around me
Was it my time to move on?

I saw myself- a baby boy
Trying to touch the sky
My heart pumped with a million dreams
The well-spring of inspiration would never dry

To conquer the world with the vigour of youth
It was all mad exuberance and energy
And after many a success and failure
It was mind and body in synergy

Thoughts galloped like a mature steed
Action was not far behind
I chipped away at my goals with passion
As fame and fortune followed in kind

I stared into the eyes of Death
Who spread all the fear he could conjure
“Share my life for a day I said”
It was my turn to allure

 I had lived on the “Cloud Nine” of success
From which burst the rain of happiness
The droplets filled the ocean of contentment
It was a plan of God, executed with finesse.

I had conducted my life at will
A well-orchestrated symphony
If I were to embrace Death-it would be like brothers-
And, afterall, a last twist of Destiny.

                                                            -11th October 2013

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