Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I may call Life.....

What I may call Life...

I searched for it on ink-stained paper
Between the lines I wrote
Truth would be an idea
Black as black; white as white
Yet the white lost lustre in the night
And cast a black shadow when bright
Black and white muddled together
In an event called grey
I would still keep looking for Truth
Yet grey would hold sway

In a quest to explore the world
I embarked on an endless journey
Each milestone pointed to a world inwards
The Identity, deep, hidden, inside me
I watched myself grow in stature
Yet a child at heart
I felt pride for the vigour of youth
And cried for the kid in me
I made peace with the evil I was at times
The mixed Identity would be my destiny

The world around me burned with ambition
The sparks kindled a flame
I set myself a lofty Goal
A road to name and fame
I filled my heart with reckless zeal
My life now had a purpose
It was a penance of sweat and toil
And reaching the Goal was elation
Yet as the next one presented itself
I realised it was a journey sans a destination

A breeze called Love brought a sense of freshness
To a barren town that was my heart
The town was soon abuzz with homes called dreams
And vows to never drift apart
The gentle caress of affection
And the tender tug of passion
I built myself a castle in the air
Hoping the breeze would stay
And Lo! Love had left without a hint into the night
With memories strewn all the way

I looked into my eyes in the mirror
They seemed to be so full of life
Each day they expected something new
It was bliss for being alive
Through the quest for Truth, Identity, Goals and Love
They had seen it all
With each success they had seen me rise
The struggle after a fall
It was to them, those Eyes in the mirror
That I always owed an answer
Be it Success, be it Failure
I would always emerge stronger.

                                                                                                 - 29th May 2014

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