Sunday, September 20, 2009



DREAMS - a way of life,i dreamt.
The land of fantasy, the land of reveries beckoned me
I didn't have a choice-I didn't want a choice
So I dreamt
And I dreamt

That all my ambitions were a little different-from my dreams
My ambitions-my dreams
It was just a thin line of difference
Ever so thin...yet so obvious
My ambitions could always be dreams
But dreams could never be ambitions
So I dreamt
And I dreamt

That dreams were larger than life
That dreams were better than life
That dreams were my life
That my life was a dream
I was probably right
They cross don't they?
Dreams and and dreams...?

They say life is too short to dream
But you need to
Your life is what you are
Your dreams are what you want to be

"So fill your life with dreams"-He said
In the land of fantasies,in the land of reveries
Or so I dreamt
And I dreamt

Till life woke me up and said "Stop dreaming!"
Do I have to...? I still wonder......


  1. amazin alok!!!
    wonderful explaination abt dreamz!!!!

  2. It's a beautiful poem, n so very tru, V luv to dream, but stil i fear to dream, coz if it doesn seem to cum tru, i wudn kno if i had the strength to bear the pain.... But stil, if one doesn dream, thr's nothin els in life left, coz dream is hope, hope is light, n light guides us thru life:).....