Friday, October 28, 2011

One Life...Many Worlds

                                        One Life...Many Worlds.
A thousand doors all around me
I stood there at the centre.
Each of them led to a different world
And each of them I wanted to enter.

The World of Ambition was a risky one
It ventured nowhere beyond the door.
All I did was just stand there
Wishing I could know some more.

The World of Brilliance beckoned at me
I was to just knock the door at the right place.
I knocked here,I knocked there
But it stood still,with all its grace.

The much used door to Hardwork opened
And I thought I could hold sway.
But I found I had to build my own path
And my desire melted away.

The door to Treachery leered at me
Promising pleasures unknown inside.
And as I fought an unknown enemy
My conscience was my guide.

Blindfolded,I entered the World of Hope
A friend called Luck by my side.
It is foolish now that with each step I take
My heart swells with pride.
                                                                       -28th October 2011

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