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Of Moments...and more..

                                             Of Moments...and more..

He felt he was 62 years old.The sense of spirit ebbing away..the feeling that he hadn't done anything big in life thus far choked him each moment.He felt 61 birthdays come and go....each more routine than the last.
Tomorrow would be his 62nd,if he didn't act fast.He saw the cake-a dull chocolate brown with two candles,6 and 2 placed next to each other.

On the other side of the table was all that he had managed in his life-3 photo albums and a dozen diaries.The albums contained his childhood.The diaries,his life as he had seen it since he'd been advised to keep a diary by his English teacher during his high school.

The first album contained his pictures from his kindergarten school days.Nothing eventful at all...he thought as he browsed through.Then the moment hit him hard.He would've lost his life-well it was a remote possibility.
At most it was stupidity.Nobody asks you to push a piece of eraser up your nostrils because you're bored in class(He was six then)!He remembered the drama that unfolded.Vaguely,he remembered the forceps being inserted into his nostrils...

The third album contained a picture of him wearing a king's dress;a play he had acted in class 6.He remembered the lengthy dialogue he'd delivered(it was 4 lines long).There was huge applause that turned to laughter the next moment-his pants were halfway down his legs..and he couldn't pull it up for he had a sword in one hand and something else in the other that he couldn't quite remember.

A small smile flitted across his face."Two moments!"he told himself.He looked at the candles and the cake.
He started reading his diaries one-by-one.

March 21st Year,Tuesday
I helped my friend pass his lab today.I've never done such a thing till today.I was very scared of that Chemistry ma'am.What if she'd caught me!But then my friend promised me a movie. So I lifted my hands off the paper and he saw what he wanted to.Only 3 answers.
God please forgive me for my mistake.But I was helping my friend.I shall leave 3 questions in my theory paper as punishment!

He felt lighter.That was in class 8.Okay,he had done something out of the rule-book-he could proudly tell his friends when they came over at mid-night.

June 23rd Year,Thursday
It was my first day in college.It was a very different experience.I adhered to the college dress-code,wearing the checked formal shirt and black trousers.But almost none of my friends did! I don't know why.They called me a "nerd"-need to look that up in the dictionary.And college is full of four-lettered slangs.
I hope I don't get into the habit of using them.Need to ask Dad for a mobile.Will be left out of the group otherwise!

He remembered the day he got his first mobile.That feeling,when he sent the message "Hi! This is my new number... :)"was unforgettable.He had got all his friends back truly that day.

May 12th Year,Saturday
Lost the inter-class cricket match.But I managed to play well-well almost.I picked up four wickets.
Then in a rush of blood,I asked the best batsman of the other side to "Charge me!" and later got carted all over the park.I deserved five wickets though-even my captain admits it! Too tired to sleep!

He was grinning now.Cricket had given him so many memories.He would make it a point to write them somewhere soon...before he forgot.

October 31st Year,Monday
I'm on top of the highest peak of this state now.It's such a wonderful experience.I'm alone in the tent.All my best friends are out-side,in front of the camp-fire.This moment of peace right now is the most profound moment of my life.I feel I'm discovering myself in a whole new way today.I'm glad I signed up for this trip.

That trip had kindled a passion for nature and trekking in him.He had travelled to a lot of places from then on and still planned to.

January 1st Year,Sunday
Missed my diary-entry last night.Wasn't in a position to do it.Still hung-over actually.It was my first time..and my last-it is a promise to myself.We had a great time last night nevertheless.I remember all of us trying to stand straight as some idiot had the cheek to play the national-anthem.I was the only one who was able to do so-almost.It was difficult see..with all that I had in my stomach at that time!

He grin widened.That sure was the last time he had drunk so much.He still didn't mind a shot or two.
But had never tried to be close to anywhere where the national anthem would be played."Moments"he said to himself.

August 22nd Year,Monday
Reported to my first job today.It is indeed a day to remember.My parents are very happy.Got dozens of wishes and congratulatory messages from friends,relatives and well-wishers.Bought many new pairs of clothes and two pairs of shoes for the occasion.It's a new life starting from today and I hope to excel in it!

Ah yes! That indeed was one of  'the days' in his life.He could remember each moment to this day.His chest swelled with pride even now.All the sense and non-sense one had learnt through school and college had some meaning if you could land in a decent job.He thought he had landed in one that day.

February 15th Year,Friday
How I wish I had enough courage yesterday!I should've asked her out yesterday.May be there was a chance she would've agreed.I've got only myself to blame! I vow never to make the mistake with the next girl I find interesting!

He burst out laughing.He remembered how his feet had trembled when he had approached her.He could remember the excitement before asking her..and the disappointment he felt for a whole week after her rejection.He could remember that smile on her face...
He took a pen and wrote a line below that entry

"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!"

He felt stupid he was consoling himself even after so many years.

September 13th Year,Wednesday
I resigned from my job.I just couldn't take the non-sense anymore.I'm not someone who's going to do work  if my heart is not in it.I don't care for the salary,nor the power this job gives me.Yes my parents are unhappy with my decision right now.But I'm going to achieve something in life and show them that I was thinking right.
I shall decide my destiny from now on!

That day was the day,the moment when he had come of age.He felt proud of himself that today he was in a much better position than when he'd resigned.

The clock neared midnight.He closed the diaries.He looked back at these moments and the innumerable ones that came flooding back to his mind.Yes,his life lacked those extreme highs and lows-those milestones.It had been very commonplace and that was the  best part of it.He had moments that he could take back to his grave.

Grave....?? What was he thinking?He looked at the cake and candles now.The chocolate was looking yummy.He shifted the position of the candles so that it now read 26.The next moment his friends rushed in to celebrate his birthday.

And as though mirroring his thoughts,one of his friends presented him a plaque that said

                                "Life is not about milestones,but of moments"

                                                                    -28th April 2012

This my 25th post in this space.

If you're visiting this space for the first time,thanks a lot!
If you've been here earlier,thanks for reading the posts I make.It feels good and motivates me to do better.

Hope you find reading the posts enjoyable and feel like coming back often as I write atleast!

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