Wednesday, June 27, 2012



I pronounced myself dead for the world
So I could live in this room.

The room was lit with hope
And peace washed it with light.
I had only to light a candle 
Before the darkness of night.

I stuffed the keyhole with my confidence
I would never need it again.
I was here to stay forever
The world outside was insane.

Then suddenly a window closed
I woke up with a start.
My reverie had been jerked awake
Worry filled my heart.

Minute by minute the windows closed
And darkness drained my peace.
Even as I tried to open those windows,
They resisted me with ease.

I couldn't try to venture out
My confidence no longer there.
I had to spend the night in darkness
A deed I couldn't dare.

A small crack of light in the crevice
An other one beneath the door.
I tried to signal the world outside
To a world I had failed to adore.

Confined I was to a room of darkness
Closed were the windows of hope.
Was darkness hope or hope darkness
'Twas a fact I failed to grope.

The darkness in the room devoured my mind
And hope the rest of me.
The candle I never lit burnt me alive
It was an act of Destiny.

                                                                  -27th June 2012

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